I have been alive for 47 years and I've seen some bad things happen around the World. I have not, however, lived in a time where everything we take for granted has been thrown up in the air and we don't know when it is going to land.

I have always offered an NHS, Armed services and Education discount as I believe that these individuals make up the back bone of our country. How wrong I was...

There are way more individuals who do that and so this is my offer:

A full days photography from bridal prep to first dance (plus a bit, it's always fun after that!) for £850. In addition to this I am offering video coverage of your ceremony and Speeches for FREE, yes Free. No charge at all.

This offer is open to anyone who has been classed as a key worker in the governments list!

That's a saving of almost £800 against my usual prices.

Why? Because we will owe our lives to these people.

Call or message me to have a chat.

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